Orion Strategies has served as primary consultant for a number of companies and organizations. The firm has guided a wide range of clients through major media events, national news stories, crisis responses and the planning and development of large campaigns. Orion Strategies begins every project with a deep dive into the client’s organizational objectives and communications, an approach we utilize to obtain effective strategy, appropriate tactics and desired results.


Orion Strategies finds that our clients frequently benefit from earned media opportunities that lend third-party credibility to their causes. To that end, Orion Strategies works with clients to develop and place op-eds, letters to the editor, targeted stories, interview opportunities, and radio call-ins. Orion Strategies develops strategies and metrics to measure the effectiveness of each earned-media plan and follows through with clients to reach objectives. These include:

  • Town hall and public meetings
  • News conferences
  • Editorial board meetings
  • Virtual events
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Supporting collateral materials
  • Websites, social media and online marketing


Orion Strategies offers a number of services to those running for influence policymakers or voting populations through independent expenditures and ballot initiatives. These services include:

  • Television production and placement
  • Direct mail
  • Polling and focus groups
  • Opposition research
  • Websites, social media and digital marketing
  • Message development


Social media is a cornerstone of developed communication for clients. Orion Strategies educates its clients on the various platforms available and develops plans to match targeted messages to the appropriate platform. Orion Strategies also develops and maintains websites for clients and provides content-management services and paid-campaign programs.


Staying on top of the news, blogs, social media and other outlets (both digital and analog) is key to an effective communication strategy. Orion Strategies provides these services to various clients:

  • News clips (daily or weekly) of relevant industry topics
  • Client mentions
  • Social media content
  • Media reports
  • Reputation management


Orion Strategies believes that avoiding a crisis is the first step to crisis communication and establishing an enormous pool of goodwill is the second. Beyond that, clients sometimes find themselves in times of trouble, through no fault of their own, and need immediate support managing communication with media, the public and various stakeholders. Tools at the disposal of our clients include:

  • Crisis communication planning
  • Media training
  • Media relations
  • Establishing communications centers
  • Multi-source outlet coordination
  • Establishing experts and professionals
  • Engaging third-party advocates
  • Brand identification
  • Reputation management


Orion Strategies staff members have worked for the news media and can provide keen insight into media relations through training seminars provided to our clients. Further, these sessions educate the audience in crisis communication, social media and interview scenarios.