Orion Strategies has a full-time creative team on staff to meet our clients’ creative needs. These services include:

  • Direct mail
  • Print materials and collaterals
  • Infographics
  • Advertisements
  • Logo development
  • Collateral development


Orion Strategies has developed numerous websites on behalf of clients. Some are designed to support brand development and customer interaction that will last years, while other websites are created to provide an online home to a short-term issue or event. Tied with social media, websites are effective tools to communicate any number of messages and to direct targeted audiences toward specific information.


Orion Strategies prides itself in effective media development and placement. While high quality is important to convey an appropriate message to the target audience, it is even more important to understand who is seeing the messages being offered. Identifying which demographic should be reached in order to obtain positive results is vital.

Orion Strategies develops video, television placement, digital advertisement and other multi-media production. Videos can then be integrated into websites, social media, presentations, commercials, sponsorships and other avenues to effectively deliver a multi-sensory communication.