Orion Strategies believes in extensive research. Orion Strategies researches each client and analyzes how information can be best utilized in message development and execution of strategic campaigns. Thorough research serves as the bedrock of every Orion Strategies project. Our firm conducts interviews, creates background reports, develops lay-of-the-land memos and executes telephone polling and surveys.


Understanding the opposition on any issue or campaign is essential to creating an effective communication strategy. Orion Strategies has compiled tens of thousands of pages of opposition research reports by looking into voting records, property searches, personal and business finances, campaign contributors, news stories, endorsements, public statements, social media and many other sources.


Orion Strategies conducts public opinion surveys in various states for issue campaigns, universities, media outlets, advocacy organizations, industry associations and law firms. These surveys can include polling through live telephone, online and mail surveys. Orion’s public polling is often quoted in news outlets and referenced on polling websites.


Law firms sometimes need to know if a client will receive a fair trial in a particular venue. Orion has provided survey results for attorneys and courts, as well as media compilations, to show potential jurors’ depth of knowledge on a particular case. Further, the cross tabulations of these surveys can provide in-depth information for attorneys looking for jury selection insights.