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Why Words Matter

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” You may have heard this phrase from your spouse, mother, or close relative when expressing your sentiment about an ongoing family feud. This is true, but it is also what you say that tugs on people’s hearts and determines one’s ability to accurately construe the message.

COVID-19 Has Revolutionized Communication

It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic set businesses and individuals back from performing many of their day to day tasks, at first. But, when travel restrictions, shelter-in-place-orders, and social distancing became the indefinite norm, business and industry needed to find a way to continue operating efficiently, despite these barriers.

Communicating During a Crisis

Communication is the foundation of any organization’s success. And, as has been seen throughout history, it’s even more important during times of crisis. Many industries and companies stand to face uncertain or unexpected events in these times, which may directly or indirectly affect their reputation, image, or brand.

Mike DeWine Along with Most Republicans Win in Ohio

Republican Mike DeWine defeated Democrat Richard Cordray to become Ohio’s next Governor. Political pundits labeled the race a “toss-up” and pollsters had the race as a tie, within the margin of error leading up to Election Day. However, Governor-elect DeWine pulled away with a win of over 4 percentage points, 50.7% to Mr. Cordray’s 46.4%.

Communicating the Basics

Having a solid grasp on the fundamentals is key to any activity- be it physical, mental, or emotional. You can’t impress your friends by playing their favorite song on the guitar without first learning the chords! Once the basics are mastered, they allow us to continue on a path towards achieving more difficult challenges, which in turn yield richer, further-reaching gains.