Grassroots Efforts Key to 2020 Census Response in WV

Census responses shape decisions about how billions of dollars in federal funds flow into communities each year for the next 10 years for critical services. In West Virginia, 99.9% of households have responded to the 2020 Census. Although the Mountain State started with a low self-response rate of 56.1%, the overall response rate quickly increased

Social Media Analytics: Evolving Communication Strategy with Data

Social media platforms offer built-in analytics that provide insights on clicks, shares, and likes. Unfortunately, these built-in analytics are only accurate for action on the social page itself. What about traffic to your website? The truly valuable data points come from understanding how your target audience interacts with social content and your website. Seeing this traffic path

Why Words Matter

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” You may have heard this phrase from your spouse, mother, or close relative when expressing your sentiment about an ongoing family feud. This is true, but it is also what you say that tugs on people’s hearts and determines one’s ability to accurately construe the

COVID-19 Has Revolutionized Communication

It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic set businesses and individuals back from performing many of their day to day tasks, at first. But, when travel restrictions, shelter-in-place-orders, and social distancing became the indefinite norm, business and industry needed to find a way to continue operating efficiently, despite these barriers. In December of 2019,